Mother’s Day Terrigen Mist Bath Ball

Treat your mom to a super-Inhuman day with this Terrigen Mist Bath Ball!

Ingredients Needed:

1 cup Baking soda
½ cup citric acid
½ cup Epsom salt
½ cup corn starch
1 tbs coconut oil (cooled)
¾ tsp water
2 tsp lavender essential oil
Few drops of food coloring

Other Tools:

2 Bowls
Bath Bomb molds
Wax paper
Fluffy Towel

Step 1: Combine dry ingredients & liquid

– Place coconut oil, water, essential oil, and food coloring into a small bowl. Stir with spoon until well mixed.
– Dump dry ingredients into a medium bowl and stir with whisk
– Slowly add a little liquid at a time to dry ingredients while whisking (repeat until completely combined)
(The mixture should begin to clump together when you squish it)

Step 2: Pack mixture into molds

– Grab bath ball mold and start to pack the mixture tightly into the first half of the mold
– Do the same with the second half of the mold
– Squeeze the molds together to create your sphere

Step 3: Removing the bath ball

– Remove any excess mixture around the mold
– Loosen the mold with a spoon
– Gently remove the bath bomb
(If the mixture isn’t packing well, place the mixture back in the bowl and add a tiny amount of water)

Step 4: Let bath bomb dry

– Place on wax paper on top of a fluffy towel
– Let dry for 24 hours

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Producer: Adri Cowan
Director of Photography: Jason Latorre
Editor: Jason Cheung and Nick Proto
Hand Model: Lorraine Cink

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