D’Prince – OYO ( On Your Own )

In a world of 7.2 billion people, a league of united nations and powerful government organizations, D’Prince takes a stab at reality with a simple message “You are on your own”.
Arguably one of Don Jazzy’s finest production yet. O.Y.O (On Your Own) is a brand new Afrobeat inspired single from D’Prince.

O.Y.O is a wake up call to each and every one of us who have grown comfortable with the idea of building our personal hustle around other people who are occupied with their own hustle; it’s time to start fighting for yourself.

In many ways O.Y.O is also a warning to those few among us who hardly care about the rest of us; when the proverbial shit hits the fan (as it usually does), you my dear will be packing it on your own. Enjoy!

Download at http://bit.ly/DprinceOYO

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