💞ABAADI 💞 Sound Track

Soundtrack of the beautiful movie Abaadi done by Taiwosings.
Lyrics Below

take me to the ocean
take me to the seawaters
make me happy
let my joy be full
without teeth the mouth is empty
without the thumb hand has no value
give me the sweetness of love
this star is for you and I…
do not make me cry
do not Pierce a hole in my heart
I want an everlasting love
not a deceit love
a love without third-party
not a treacherous love………

movie: ABAADI
PRODUCED BY :@dollarpickerofficial
powered by @libratvee
track produced by @lovabu_sound
guiter by @lovabu_sound
fill the magic 🎵🎵🎵🎤🎤🎶

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